When Self Worth Is Taken Away

Your Damaged Self Worth Can Be Repaired

With the time it takes to snap your fingers your self worth can be taken away.

A child that is called stupid will begin to withdraw from the group.  It wouldn’t be uncommon to see them with a sad expression on their face or in tears.


As an adult you may not react as a child might however the hurt can be just as deep.

Criticizing remark coming from someone you respect it may hurt more than from a total stranger.

The more someone criticizes you the faster your self worth weakens

When I Became Aware Of My Self Worth Was In Crisis

Many years ago I had my self worth stolen by someone I loved.  Little by little I was questioned about many of my choices.  It began slowly and after a few months of being criticized from little daily things it was expanded to what my dreams and interest were.

I felt alone, unworthy and not sure what to do.   To add to my loneliness we had recently moved from another state.  I had made some friends however they hadn’t become friendship status.

I didn’t like feeling alone or being unworthy so I slowly closed myself off to feel protected.  It was difficult to disconnect from the one person in my life I had always felt would be my best friend.  I had always expected we would be able to share our dreams, concerns, joys with each other.  It took time before I realized I was living a life far from what I had believed I would have and I began looking for a solution.

Have you had an experience like that?

This set my journey in motion without my knowing it and the things I were about to learn and experience would change my life forever.

There are solutions … stay tune for the next blog.