Your Animal’s Purpose In Your Life

Your Animal’s Purpose In Your Life

What is your animal’s purpose in your life?

Why did your animal come into your life at this time?




Your Animal’s Purpose Has A Connection With You

You may feel your animal came into your life because they needed you to help them.  If you adopted a rescue animal that is most likely very true.

If you adopted a dog from a breeder you most likely had a reason for making that choice.  Maybe you were going to train your dog for one of the many sports humans share with their dogs.  Maybe you wanted a companion and a certain breed resonated with you and your lifestyle.

No matter how or where your dog or cat came from there was a connection, a need to have them in your life.

At different stages in your life you will have a different attractions based upon what is going on in your life.

As you looked into their eyes there was a silent communication between you and that animal’s spirit that dwells within.  There needs to be that spirit connection before the two of you accept each other fully.  It isn’t something you can force, it has to be natural.




What Is The Connection Of The Animal Purpose and the Human’s?


  • Did you need companionship to get you up and moving in life?
  • Did you have a desire to learn how train them for something special?
  • What was going on in your life that needed a distraction?
  • Were you in need of having someone at home waiting on you when you returned from work or other activities?
  • Maybe you adopted an animal in your life that taught you patience.
  • Maybe they reminded you how important it is to love someone.
  • For some having a dog helps them to feel more secure at home and on walks.

There are many reasons for a connection that aren’t as obvious as the things above.  For me I had several young dogs that took me on the journey of learning more natural healing techniques.  What I learned from them changed my life in many ways.

I was fortunate enough to experience life with Rex and he is the main character in a book I wrote “Through Rex’s Eyes”.  It reveals his challenges in life and also his strengths.  He revealed many times what his purpose in life was and through his own challenges he continued to stay on his life’s path.  His life was such a great example of how human’s and animal’s purposes have a strong spirit connection.

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