Have Faith and Believe In Yourself

Have Faith and Believe in Yourself

Does your life seems to flow so fast some days you can barely keep up?

Do you find it a challenge believing you are making the best choices for you?

You aren’t alone so let’s look at some ways to help you to have faith in yourself.

When Others Don’t Believe in You

Life offers us opportunities to make  important decisions.  Even after much thought you still aren’t 100% sure of what would be best for you.  You share your thoughts with a friend and they make comments that give you more doubts.  After the conversation you felt your friend didn’t hear you or understand you.  You feel you helpless, confused and unsure what to do.

Getting Grounded and Restoring Your Faith In Yourself

Find a place when you can be away from the conversations of others.  Taking a walk outside in nature can be a quick way to ground yourself and boost your faith.  Or put on your headset and listen to some calming instrumental music.

Remember your friend is offering advise from where they are in their life and through their own life experiences.  What they experienced most likely will be very different from what you will experience. They do care about you and want the best for you (and them).

Believe You Have the Answer Deep Inside of You

Keep in mind the key factors in what you want.  Is it a new job across town or is to relocating to another city?  Is it ending a relationship or taking the next step in a current relationship?  Maybe you are considering going back to school?

  • Only you can decide what is “right” for you.
  • Yes, having a friend to bounce things off can be helpful.
  • Listen to what others you have to say.
  • Take each of their suggestions and see how they feel to you.
  • Evaluate your emotions.
  • Where does the fear come from?
  • Do you feel someone is pressuring or manipulating you?
  • What other negative emotions come up? Why?
  • Never make a decision from a place of fear – NEVER!!!

Have Faith Your Goals Are Achievable

When you keep your goals in focus it is easier to make decisions along the way to achieve them.

Your goals may not always be understood by others and any feedback they may give reflect this.   Don’t let this discourage you.

If you feel forced to make a decision to quick take a step back.  Take some time to distance yourself so you can think without the pressure.  Then ask what is this pressure about and why is it there?

You don’t have to know all the steps that will get you there.  You do need to focus on the first step you need to take, which often is making a decision.

This is your life, believe in yourself and what feels best for you.


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