Time For Our Pet’s Transition to Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Why must they go so soon to rainbow bridge?  No matter their age, it is always to soon for them to go.

Unconditional Love Lessons

They come bounding in the door as a puppy with more energy than we could imagine.   Your pets play hard, they love deeply and are loved deeply in return.  They weave their love into our daily routines.   They teach us what unconditional love is all about.


Many are eager for their daily walk or that occasional car ride.  All are eager to see their humans return home after being away, even if only for a few hours.  Many pets are included in family vacations while others get to go to “camp” or have a sitter come stay with them.  They are our 4-legged children.

Some are companions to children however most are a therapy dog/cat to someone in the home.  Some actually do therapy work outside of the home, visiting humans that are nearing their time for rainbow bridge themselves.  Others they visit are recovering in the hospital before returning home.

Rescue pets can sometimes arrive with so much baggage it takes weeks or months for them to open up their hearts again and trust.  What a  joy it is to see them learning to trust, eager to play with others and discovering what love is.  Their bond to us is unique and special.

They Welcome Us Home

Our pets don’t ask much of us however they give much in return.  I just can’t imagine my home being without a dog to greet me when I come home.  Often times, especially during the cooler months, my dogs go with me to run errands, which we all enjoy.  They get me out for that morning walk, even on cold mornings.

Understanding What They Need

As difficult as it is for them to pass there is some peace in knowing some are able to pass on their own.  For the others it puts the humans in a place of having to make a decision.  A decision that often comes with struggles.  How soon is soon enough?  There isn’t an exact answer to that question.  Some pets can decline slowly where others will decline overnight causing you to make a decisions.  Some animals don’t want you to know because we humans can get really attached to an exact timeframe, instead of enjoying each day.

Sometimes people are upset that their animal passed when they were at work, asleep or left the room briefly.  It is important to understand some animals want to pass alone and will find the opportunity they need.   Others don’t want to be alone.

Letting Them Go To Rainbow Bridge

How can you prepare them for their journey to rainbow bridge?  I have helped prepare many of them by explaining when and what will happen.  Some animals have concerns and once they have been explained of the process they relax.  When the pet’s relax so do their humans.

No matter how prepared we humans are there is an emotional moment when it is time for them to begin their journey to rainbow bridge.  We aren’t sad for them, we are sad for ourselves to be without them.  They will be fine and most of them are aware of that when it is their time to go.

It is important for their spirit that we let them go, instead of holding on emotionally to keeping them here.  They have a window of opportunity to enter rainbow bridge after they pass and holding on emotionally can keep them on this side to long.  It helps to remember they are okay.  They have spirits that immediately begin to work with them so they are never alone.

The Emptiness That Follows

There is no right or wrong way to deal with the days and weeks that follow as you adjust to the lack of physical presence of your beloved pet that has passed.

For some with only the one pet, will need to go out and get another pet right away.  They aren’t trying to “replace” the one that went to rainbow bridge, they are trying to fill a need to have a companion. It is human nature to be with others and animals fill part of that need for us.  Another person may get a younger pet when they have an older pet.  This gives time for the younger pet to become well-adjusted before the older one goes to rainbow bridge.  Then you have those that need time before they get another pet.  It is all about what works for you.   Stay focused on what it is you need and avoid letting others trying to influence you to do something different.

What’s It Like For The Animals Left Behind?

A cat may not miss another cat when they pass however misses a dog that passes.  Animals have a connection, a relationship, with each other and it depends on the relationship as to how they react.   No matter the relationships there is an adjusting period for everyone.  Animals are sensitive to the energy of others and feel the energy change in the home when one passes.   Think of it as empty space in the air.  To them it is as noticeable as if you had a cool draft coming from an opened door that you would feel in certain areas of the room.

Time, patience and cherish the good memories helps with the grieving process.

If you need help preparing a pet to cross over rainbow bridge or want to check on your pets that have crossed  you can contact me at trish@animalsage.com or visit my website (www.animalsage.com)