Powerful Thoughts

Powerful Thoughts Are They What You Want?

  • Have you ever stop to listen to the thoughts going through your mind?
  • Are they about what you are doing in the moment or are they about something else?

Maybe you are thinking of something you need to do later in the day like an errand, a meeting, shopping list for dinner or maybe you are thinking about something from your past.

  • Are your thoughts mainly happy thoughts?
  • Maybe many of your thoughts are angry, about disappointments, guilt, betrayal.
  • Does your mood changed based upon the direction your thoughts go?

Most likely your mood does change and can change from being happy to being angry, or on the verge of tears within seconds of when these uncontrolled thoughts started.

You Can Change The Power of Your Thoughts

    Take some time to listen to your thoughts.  Do they lead you to a place you are happy or do they take you to an experience you don’t want to relive again?

Do they take you down the path of “what if” and bring up many negative emotions and prevent you from making decision?

Good memories are always enjoyable to reflect on.  However it isn’t to go back to revisit a memory that upsets you.

Have you noticed how your first thoughts of the day seem to have a strong affect on how the rest of your day goes?  If you haven’t noticed this I challenge you to do so the next few days.

    If your thoughts take you to a place of anger stop them immediately and change your thoughts to something positive.  It can be anything positive about that situation or person.  If you are unable to think of something positive then think of something completely unrelated that is positive.

When you make that mental shift from negative to positive you also shift your energy and how life around you becomes.